Queue Management System in Malaysia

About FastQue

FastQue is a complete queue management system to manage your customers and crowds at your service area. A visitor can check for queue status via display or mobile.

Our system is capable to integrate with large majority of the display hardware in the market (touchscreen and non-touchscreen) and supports iOS, Android and Windows. We help you improve customer experience via fast and efficient queuing solution.

Key Benefits


Seamless Integration

FastQue is able to integrate with Active Directory authentication services. And, it’s also support digital signage.

Queue No. Display

Supports large majority of the display hardware in the market (touchscreen and non-touchscreen)
Cloud Computing

Paperless queuing solution

Our solution is fully delivered in digital method. We support eco-friendly.

Useful Reminder

We have covered reminder to visitor in terms of before their turn and reach their turn.

Central Management

Manage all your operator, services, rooms and view reports in our cloud-based web-based admin. No software installation needed.


Add your own company logo to the screen to show your brand to visitors.

Features & Functions


Visitor registration

Allow visitor to register themselves after choosing service. Operator able to greet with customer name.

Queue management & Display integration

Queue no auto assigned smartly and to display in multi channel.

Service counter/room management

Seamless room or counter management in admin portal.

Service operator management

Seamless operator user account management in admin portal. It’s support LDAP integration as well.

Operator self-login portal

Operator will have own login to portal to manage queue no. It’s including to select counter, services and manage queue anytime after login.

Service type management

Seamless type of services management in admin portal.

SMS Reminder

SMS notification to customer for new queue no, advance call, and queue no been called.

Map direction for Visitor

Room/Counter map for visitor to look up the location.


View reports about services time taken. Easier manager to make decision on arrangement after analyzing.

Queue no. Landing Page

A web-based landing page for visitor to check the status of queue no. The link can get from received SMS or scanned QRCode from visitor registration player.

Overview Diagram

Overall Solutions in Environment

Display Hardware


Newly install smart queue system, FastQue in University Monash (An international school). Visitor can easily check their no and no of people ahead in mobile.